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Business Banking

You know your business. We know how to help.

Banking services, support and expert advice to help your business grow.

At Postal Savings Bank Of China, we can connect you to a global network of more than 1000 relationship managers, providing support and solutions, beyond banking.

We provide tailored payments and cash management solutions to millions of businesses around the world, from sole traders to large multinationals. Our global network of trade experts can provide knowledge and support to help you turn new markets into familiar territory.

With our global network, we can help you manage your finances in many different currencies and mitigate the risks involved.

We're uniquely positioned to offer local insights and a range of services for business travellers across the globe. Whether you're looking to open an account here or abroad, we have specialised teams to help manage the process as quickly as possible.

Products and Services

At Postal Savings Bank Of China, we offer you a full suite of products and services to help your business grow so you can better manage your company's finances.

Commercial Accounts
Whether you have a well-established business or a new one, whether it is a big business or small, Postal Savings Bank Of China provides you with integrated accounts that best suit your needs.

BusinessVantage Plus
A banking solution to help your business succeed internationally. Provides a dedicated Relationship Manager, exclusive preferential pricing offers and tailored solutions in trade and wealth management.

A complete banking solution comprising deposit services, payment solutions, credit facilities and investment services that will help your business run smoothly.

Postal Savings Bank Of China Business Direct
A simple yet complete banking solution, giving you hassle-free control of your banking transactions any time, anywhere.

Compare BusinessVantage and Postal Savings Bank Of China Business Direct
Gives you an overview of the differences between BusinessVantage Plus, BusinessVantage and Postal Savings Bank Of China Business Direct, so that you can choose an account that suits you.


Business MasterCard
Provides you with flexible payment options and the added bonus of having Postal Savings Bank Of China card in your wallet. Apply for a card now and stand out from the crowd.

World Corporate MasterCard
Provides you with an all-inclusive package that gives your company financial control and flexibility to manage business travel and entertainment expenses successfully.

Platinum Purchasing MasterCard
Provides you with an effective and powerful purchasing solution for re-engineering and streamlining corporate purchasing processes and enhances your competitive edge.

Visa Business Card
Provides you with flexible payment options and the added bonus of having Postal Savings Bank Of China card in your wallet.

Visa Corporate Card
Provides you with an all-inclusive package that gives your company financial control and flexibility to manage business travel and entertainment expenses successfully.

Visa Purchasing Card
Provides you with an effective and powerful purchasing solution for re-engineering and streamlining corporate purchasing processes and enhances your competitive edge.

Loans and Finance

General Financing
If you need finance to help your business in any way, we want to be there to help. Choose from the following great products to finance your business:

World Corporate MasterCard
SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
Business Instalment Loan
Asset-linked Financing
Profits Tax Loan
Business Property Financing
Green Financing
Equipment FinanceTaxi and Public Light Bus Finance

Working Capital Financing
Check out our range of Working Capital Financing options:

Trade Finance
Receivables Finance
Business Integrated Account Secured Credit Facility
Credit Card

Import and Export

Import Services
These are just some of the great services we can provide to help any business with importing needs:

Import DC's
Back to back DC's
Transferable DC's
Standby DC's
Documentary Collections
Shipping Guarantee

Export Services
If your business relies on the efficient management of export activities, check out how we can help.

DC Advising
Transferred DC
DC Custody
Documentary Collections
DC Confirmation
Trade & Credit Information

Trade Finance
A range of financing options for the trading business:

Import Loan
Finance for Open Account Trading
Packing Credit
DA/DP Purchase
Easy Export Finance
Export Loan
Non-recourse Discounting

Receivables Finance
If you are selling on open account terms and need solution on financing, credit protection or collection, check out our Receivables Finance options

Collection and Ledger Management
Credit Protection

Trade Solution
A convenient and comprehensive trade solution.


Open an Investment Account online
As a BusinessVantage or Postal Savings Bank Of China Business Direct customer, you can instantly apply for an investment account via Business Internet Banking and trade investment products online immediately.

Unit Trusts
You can search for prices, fund types or fund houses, investment regions that you prefer online. Diversify your investments with our great range of Unit Trusts.

Deposit Plus
Take advantage of exchange rate movements to earn more interest than a regular time deposit. Meet your foreign currency needs with a range of tenor options and currency choices.

Certificates of Deposit
These are one of our lower risk investment opportunities with the option of a range of currencies, maturities and interest payment terms.

Structured Investment Deposits
We have a wide range of structured products linked to equities, interest rates and currencies to help you tap potentially higher returns.

Offered by governments, quasi-government bodies or large corporations. Bonds can offer you the security of a stable income through interest payments, plus the potential for capital gains.

Market Information
In-depth analysis convering the major markets around the world


Strategise and formulate ways to protect your business as it grows – with Postal Savings Bank Of China.

Postal Savings Bank Of China commercial insurance provides comprehensive protection for businesses as they thrive over time. We offer both packaged and customised solutions to suit specific needs of SMEs and corporations, identifying links that strengthen and grow your business further.

Life Protection Solution
Business Protection
- We offer Life Protection Solutions which cover both Keyman Protection and Business Loan Protection
- Contingency planning for the uninterrupted running of your business despite the loss of a key individual due to major illness, total and permanent disability or death
- Loans to reinvigorate your business in the aftermath of adversity

Employee Benefits:
- Executive Bonus and Continued Income Solution are incentives to make key employees more loyal and committed
- We offer MPF, Group Medical and Porta Protection, i.e. a portal medical scheme which allows existing member to enjoy continuous medical benefits they resign or retire
- Complete your application for Business TravelCare and Business AccidentCare via Business Internet Banking or website

Capital Preservation and Accumulation:
- Business Succession and Legacy Planning Solutions to ensure that your business will be run by the right successors after your retirement

Trade Risks Insurance Solutions
- Protect your trading interest against the risk of bad debt
- Protect your goods against losses during transit

Asset and Liability Protection
- Insure valuable assets, e.g. property and equipment
- Protect you and your company against liability for damages and legal cost in lawsuits
- Comply with regulatory insurance coverage requirements, e.g. Employees' Compensation Insurance and Motor Insurance Third Party Cover

Payments and Cash Management

Integrated Receivables Solutions
Stay ahead of the game and ensure your receivables are coordinated in the most efficient way. Choose from any of our great solutions below:

Alliance Counter Collections
Bill Payment Collections
Retail Lockbox Cheque Collections
Bulk Deposits (Cash & Cheques)
Receivables Management System
Wholesale Lockbox Cheque Collections
Xpress Collect Service
Xpress Collect (Cheques)

Integrated Payment Solutions
We have a huge range of cash management solutions to help you optimise the flow of cash in your business:

Telegraphic Transfer
Real-time Interbank Payment
Cashier's Order
In-house Transfer
Demand Draft
Bill Payment
Standing Instruction
Same-Day Remittance Services

Integrated Liquidity Solutions
As your business grows, managing liquidity becomes more complex. Postal Savings Bank Of China can help to take your liquidity management to the next level by increasing accessibility to funds, reduction of interest expense and potentially to earn higher returns on surplus funds.

Cash Concentration
ServicesNotional Pooling Services

Delivery Channels
As you would expect from a global innovator in cash management, you can choose how you want to bank with us – anytime, anywhere! Business Internet Banking

Collaboration begins with a conversation

Discuss your needs and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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